ExChanges's main purposes are to share what we have learned about Maharaji and his organization with those less-informed, and to share with each other what we have learned about ourselves and how those lessons affected us. To promote our ability to do both at the same time, we have these outlets for our personal expression.

Online Forums
From this site's earliest incarnation, we have hosted or sponsored an online forum (currently Forum 7 ) in order to share notes and information about the time we spent involved with Maharaji, and what he's up to now. Our conversations from all previous Forums are preserved in the Forum Archives. You may also find links to other Forums and Websites (pro & con) where Maharaji and Knowledge are openly discussed.
Journeys Entries are our own individual testimonies about our time with the cult. These are recommended for new readers to read, as well as being therapeutic to write. Many people have printed them out and shared them with those premies who lack web access. Click here to add your entry to the Journeys collection.
Bob Mishler Interview
This is a transcript of a radio interview given by Bob Mishler - former President of Maharaji's Divine Light Mission organization. Bob didn't live to create his own Journeys entry, so we offer this here as the personal Journey of an ex-premie.
Michael Dettmers speaks out
M. Dettmers - one of Maharaji's former assistant and advisor in the 70s and 80s - finally decided to talk on the Ex-Premie.Org Forum about why he left and what he thinks of his former 'master'.
Ex-Premie White Pages
The White Pages contain listings of ex-premies. Click here to add your name to the 'White Pages'.
Usenet Newsgroup
There is a Usenet newsgroup named alt.cult.maharaji. Although traffic has died down considerably, readers can still use Deja News to read and post there. Here are some hints and tips for accessing the newsgroup.

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