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Maharaji started out proclaiming that he would spread the Knowledge of the Light of God throughout the world. Like all fraudulent messiahs, he has fallen into the pattern of using censorship to protect his personal cash cow by keeping people in informational darkness regarding the inner workings of his organization.

In response to the number of followers who are leaving the cult and publishing damaging material on the internet, Elan Vital has begun to print copyright notices on every piece of paper that they issue to the under-trusted devotees remaining behind.

During J. M. Kahn's recent visit to the US, their French legal department moved against
The Elan Vital/Divine Light Mission Papers - his French website hosted by Club-Internet. The following is JM's account of what happened.

Ex-premie.org now hosts the censored materials on this site. You can read what Maharaji considers so damaging by clicking

Shortly after the move against
The Elan Vital/Divine Light Mission Papers, websites run by ex-premies that are critical of Maharaji, Divine Light Mission/Elan Vital, and those associated with Maharaji and these entities, have been shut down after Maharaji, or his corporate or legal representatives, complained to the net service providers. The complaints about the sites have varied. One complaint lodged by Rawat is that the sites contained copyrighted material. Another complaint was that photos of Maharaji on a site were objectionable. The net providers folded rather than defend the ex-premie sites.

Click here to read more details on the various attacks against the ex-premies websites.

Upon coming back from vacations in the US, here's the translation of the
registered letter I found in my mail from my internet provider, Club-Internet:

Mr J-M Kahn
Paris, April 19, 2000

Dear Sir,

We have received on April 12, 2000, a letter from Mr. Lataste from the law firm in charge of protecting the legal interests of the company called Elan Vital. In this letter, they ask us to check your website's content and to take the necessary measures to remove any documents that infringe upon their copyright. Mr. Lataste informed us that you have reproduced various documents that are EV's exclusive property.

You are well aware that [such and such French code] states that 'any reproduction total or in part, without its author's permission, is illegal...' This is why we are asking you to send us by mail (in the following 8 days) any authorization you have to reproduce and publish those documents.

If you do not have their authorization, we are asking you to suppress those documents present on your pages. If we do not receive the authorizations we are asking for, and/or you do not suppress the documents, we will have to suppress the access to your pages. A copy of this letter is being sent to to Mr. Lataste. We hope that you understand this procedure, and send you, Sir, our best wishes.

Mrs ______
Legal Management

I called that person, had a nice talk with her, and then sent her this letter:

Dear Mrs. ______,

In answer to your registered letter N/Ref:2000/04-290 and after our telephone conversation today, I confirm my intention to suppress from my website any reproduction of documents copyrighted by Elan Vital.

To accomplish this, I am requesting that you suppress all my personal pages. I plan to publish in the pages that my subscription allows only
documents written by myself.

This said, as you can check for yourself in the bibliography that was presented on my website, the Elan Vital association (previously named Divine Light Mission - merely the name has been changed) is considered a cult by every authority on this matter.

Other documents on this issue, including many testimonies of former members are available on the US website http://www.ex-premie.org, including open discussion forums in English, French and Spanish.

I was a member of this group for more than 20 years. I had various responsibilities in its organizations for a very long time, and the documents I presented on my website are meant to allow anybody to have a clear understanding of what Elan Vital is really about.

Like many organizations of this type, and behind a seductive appearance, a very deceitful organization and guru are well hidden. For any interested person, or for any person doing research on this subject, the only way to understand the hidden aspects of this organization and his so-called 'teachings' is to be able to read a good choice of documents issued by this organization, as those documents are not accessible to the public, to newcomers, and even to most of the disciples. Doing this, of course, involves the risk of being attacked by these organizations.

I hope I have been able to help you understand the meaning of my involvement, and I hope I'll remain your client under normal conditions. Please accept my best wishes.

I explained the situation to the Ex-Premie.Org administrator who immediately
offered to now host those criminal pages on Ex-Premie.Org.

So much for the villains of EV France! No doubt they've spent a lot of time,
energy and money in this procedure. To achieve what?

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