Breaking Free is by definition a site created and maintained by ex-premies. Each of us at one time in the past had to face our inner doubts about Maharaji and the place that he took in our lives. It was far easier to get involved with him in the first place than it was to accept that we had been duped into believing him to be synonymous with our own being.

Many of us had made strong statements as premies to the people around us regarding Maharaji's importance in our lives. Friends and family members fell silent whenever the subject came up - preferring not to hear it again.

For some, this site served as a mirror of our own inner doubts. To be able to share via the
Forum with other premies who had already gone through the same process was probably the most helpful part of the site at that time.

While that isn't likely to change, since we seem to do better as people when we can find support in those surrounding us, this site will attempt to offer more help on pages attached to this one. We'll be engaged in an on-going effort to present material here that can aid people currently involved with Maharaji, or thinking of becoming involved, to sort out their own feelings.

Questioning_Devotion deals with some of the doubts we had to confront ourselves.

For those family members or friends of people involved with Maharaji, you can find some other sources on our
Helpline page.

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