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Date: Sun, Aug 13, 2000 at 18:47:06 (GMT)
From: G
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To: Shroomananda
Subject: Hypothetical indeed

It seems to me that most of you posting here are at the very least disappointed at Maharaji for misleading you into believing that he was the Lord or an incarnation of God, some for years and some for decades. He accepted and solicited money from you, let you worship him and basically allowed you to 'waste' years of your life doing satsang, service and meditation.

So you agree with some of what we are saying. I would add that he didn't just 'let' us worship him, he ordered us and manipulated us into worshiping him. Where satsang involved praising him, yes, it was a waste. Where service involved serving him, yes, it was a waste. Where meditation involved hyped-up expectations or thinking he was the cause of a nice feeling, yes, it was a waste.

And I support him in his effort to make it available to others around the world.

 Rather than make it easily available, he is putting up roadblocks. It's very difficult to 'receive Knowledge'. I think the money you give is wasted on his 'lifestyle'.

 ... he has been a Master ...

 He is not a 'Master'.

 Did he make a mistake by offering you Knowledge and accepting you as his students?

 That is not a meaningful question. He didn't 'offer' me 'Knowledge' because the techniques are not his to 'give'. I didn't even learn them from him. He didn't accept me as his student, he wasn't even aware that I 'received Knowledge'. It also suggests that some mumbo jumbo relationship was going on. It wasn't. He said in the mid '80s about darshan: 'Do you know why it worked? Because you thought it would work.' In other words, none of it came from him. But now he's 'giving darshan' again. Go figure.

Or do you think that he should just close up shop and not offer Knowledge to anyone else so that future students don't get burned like you did?

 You're trying to make it sound like he is helping to 'spread Knowledge' (old terminology). He isn't, he's only getting in the way by telling people not to tell anyone the techniques, by making people jump through hoops, and by making people submit to him by becoming a 'student' of his (i.e. a cult member). And they have to do all this even before learning the techniques. They have to spend loads of money, some of which ends up in his pocket, travel long distances, and listen to a bunch of horse shit. Even then, they are often told they are not 'ready'. Who the hell does he think he is to tell someone they are not 'ready'? 'Ready' only means that he wants them to grovel more, to engage in more 'adulation', to give him more money.

I think that the meditation techniques should be freely available to people, as they are at this web site. This means no conditions attached. People would decide for themselves whether and how they wanted to learn the techniques and practice them on their own. If he is unwilling to step aside and allow that to happen, than he should close up shop.

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