Well, we sure got Maharaji's attention!!!!
The Rock of Gibraltar has cracked
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Date: Mon, Jul 03, 2000 at 21:46:40 (GMT)
From: Joe
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To: Everyone
Subject: Well, we sure got Maharaji's attention!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from the land of the Mennehune, the Garden Isle of Kauai, and I had a wonderful time, thank you.

Anyhow, I returned to find that the Rock of Gibraltar has cracked, thanks to heavy pressure on Maharaji and Elan Vital by ex-premies. Good job guys, and this is great news.

I read Elan Vital's answers to 'Frequently Asked Questions,' which are obvious attempts to deal with the damage caused by open discussion about Maharaji's cult, and I laughed so hard I nearly got a hernia, and at my age that isn't good.

The really curious thing about FAQs is that people often use them to pretend to actually be open and honest because you get to frame your own questions and then answer them yourself. Most people can do that pretty well, because almost any idiot can, but the problem is EV and Maharaji are so inept that they can't even phrase the questions right, and they still have to resort to blantant lying to answer them. It's always better to say nothing than to lie, which has been Maharaji's course fo far, so I guess he is REALLY paranoid. Prediction: this was a big mistake that will backfire. The only thing that might work for Maharaji is open discussion with the former premies who have massive greviences with their former master. That's the only way Maharaji can salavage his mission in the West because these people are not going away; the numbers are growing and the noise is getting louder. But somehow I think his massive ego will never allow hm to do that.

Nonetheless, the crack in the wall is defintely there manifesting in a number of ways, including:

First, Elan Vital acknowledges that a bunch of his former followers say Maharaji used to claim to be god and Elan Vital has to lie to address it, and such lies can be easily disproven by the multiple quotes of Maharaji making just such claims.

Ignoring the actual statements, EV is forced to resort to its own little form of racism against East Indians. You see, in India, accordingly to Elan Vital, 'Lord' 'Lord of the Universe' 'greater than god', 'superior power in person', 'all powerful' 'all knowing,' 'the maker of all things created', 'Perfect Master,' etc., etc., all of which Maharaji called himself, and allowed us to call him without comment for a period of at least 15 years in the West, at least until he was 25 (and NOT 13), mean something else. You see, it's only in the 'western tradition' that people think those attributes make you divine. Hmnmmm. I guess in India people wink at each other when their 'masters' make such statements and nobody really believes them. Good argument, Elan Vital -- makes lots of sense.

Second, Elan Vital implies that Maharaji didn't know what the hell he was doing when he came to the West, but later realized he was wrong, very wrong, and, about 10 years later, started to fix things by changing a bunch of terms. Unfortunately, I think it's strange that Elan Vital makes these statements on belhalf of Prem Pal Singh Rawat, but apparently Prem Pal/Maharaji himself is too chickenshit or inept to make them himself. Clearly, one of the major criticisms continuously made against Maharaji is his failure to accept resonsbility for his actions and his big, big errors, and that people got hurt by getting involved with a 'guru' before he knew what the hell he was doing, I guess during his 'learning phase.'

Finally, I was amazed that the ashrams were set up in the West(but were 'soon abandoned' (after a brief 12-year period)) to save us all from 'drug culture.' Boy, was I ever stupid. I didn't realize I would have become a heroin addict were it not for spending 9 years in the ashram, poor and celibate. I also didn't know that sex was a major cause of drug addiction. I mean, we wouldn't have had to be celibate in Maharaji's ashrams except to protect us from drugs, according to Elan Vital's pristine logic. Makes perfect sense to me!

Funny, how I NEVER in all the 9 years I lived in Maharaji's ashrams, ever heard Maharaji or anyone else ever mention anything other than that the purpose of the ashram was to help you devote your entire life to Maharaji, which Maharaji said, repeatedly, over and over and over, during the 'taking stock period,' was the purpose of one's life. Of course, I guess he stopped saying that after what Whittaker calls the 'taking stock' period, ending in 1982, so that's okay. Boy, I feel much better that Elan Vital cleared that up once and for all.

I also think it's really self-defeating of EV to quote Maharaji, himself, saying things like:

Even so, people were saying it was necessary to be a vegetarian and so on. But no one could give reasons why.

It's self defeating, given the many quotes, like Jim quoted below, in which Maharaji himself gave lots of supposed 'reasons' why one had to be a vegetarian, including his ludicrous 'sucking animals' and 'dead seeds' quotes. If I was doing PR for Elan Vital, the first thing I would say would be to NEVER put anything in writing that can easily proven wrong, especially if it is Maharaji himself who is doing the lying. It does terrible things to your credibility if you do-- Both to Elan Vital's and Maharaji's.

[By the way, I read a great book over vacation that I HIGHLY recommend, especially for all you readers of things evolution. It's called Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. He combines evolution, anthropology, and human history, explaining why different cultures evolved the way they did and supplying a rock-solid alternative to the racist answer. A great book.]

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