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From one of his critics
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Date: Sun, Jul 02, 2000 at 23:34:06 (GMT)
From: Way
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To: Everyone
Subject: Response to Elan Vital

I, too, have noted that Elan Vital has now officially responded to its critics. The last remaining vestige of the premie in me was saddened, sickened, and angered by their response.

For a long time, ex-premies have debated mostly with current fringe premies who do not speak for Mr. Rawat anyway. Now, for those ex-premies who wish to, it is possible to object more directly to Mr. Rawat and his present official organization.

Elan Vital is working very hard to provide the best impression they can of their teacher, their cult, and their beliefs. Who are they trying to convince? Their intended audience is their possible new recruits, and themselves. For those exes who are still up for the war of words, our audience should be the same people, the new recruits and those who remain in Mr. Rawat's cult.

Since there are so many things that Elan Vital will never come clean about, I think this site should continue to bring out everything under the rug that Mr. Rawat has swept there. I suggest a permanent link on this site to a collection of quotes from Shri Hans, Mr. Rawat, Marilyn, and other close associates - all the claims and teachings from their own mouths that they would so much like to hide away for ever.

We should challenge every bit of the mis-information that Glen Whittaker and the rest of them have now put out officially. We should argue against every distortion, every distinction without difference that they try to get away with, every partial truth, every pretty lie.

It can now be said clearly that Mr. Rawat still claims that his Knowledge reveals the inner experience of the infinite. 'Knowledge is about you...that part of you which is infinite.' -Maharaji, Elan Vital Website, July 2000. It is claimed that practicing the Knowledge allows people to reasonably say that they are 'in touch with the divinity or the timeless within themselves' (but they would never claim that this is a state of 'God-consciousness',oh no). Mr. Rawat still claims to be the indispensable Master of the Knowledge and must be followed at all stages of development, (but this of course does not make him a charasmatic spiritual leader, oh no - that would be a cult). So - nothing has changed, only the words have changed to suit the intended audience.

As I said above, I suggest that there be established an area of this website or some other site where ex-premies can post pertinent quotes (from Shri Hans, Maharaji and other very close associates) that they find in old AIID's, Divine Times, etc. These quotes should counteract Elan Vital's assertion that Maharaji never claimed to be God Incarnate, etc. To start, I suggest a quote from Marilyn Rawat, Sydney, Australia, Nov. 26, 1974:

"All of you have waited so long for Maharaji to come, and we could feel it so much that now Maharaji is finally here, every heart is full...Because that's the reason we're here, to know that love that is infinite. And now, having Maharaji's darshan here, it's like no one can even understand what darshan is. I just hope all of you can somehow empty yourselves of all your ideas and concepts and just really let him fill you. Really experience that. Because there's no denying it. There's really nothing else to say. So now I think the best thing to do is to have everyone come up and have the darshan of Maharaji, to do pranam at his feet, and realize what he's truly giving us in this moment. Because, really, as you go to do pranam you're the most fortunate human being in this world. Thank you."

from 'And It is Divine', Vol.2, Issue 8, March 1975

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